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Souvenirs have been a key thing for members of the cast or anyone who wanted a momento of that time in history.  Here is a collection of souvenirs from previous pageants.  If you know of any more articles, please let us know,

1967 programmeThe first pageant in 1967 had a simple handwritten A5 size black & white programme... 

the 1967 official postcard

1967 pageant postcard

The 1970 Pageant had a mini full-colour 'programme'. It is reproduced here at the actual size. It mentions that there is a 16mm colour film that lasts 30 minutes.  This has a separate sound track.
booklet from 1970 pageant

 1980 programme
The 1980 programme took yet a different form as you can see here

the 1980 official postcard

1980 pageant postcard

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